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2017 Embraer Legacy 450



Collins Pro-Line Fusion Avionics Suite

Four Collins AFD-6520 Adaptive Flight Displays

Dual Collins DCP-5080 Display Control Panels

Dual RSP-6000 Reversion Switch Panels

Dual CCP-6120 Cursor Control Panels

Dual Collins MKP-6100 Multifunction Panels

Triple Collins VHF-4000 COM Transceivers

Dual Collins RIU-4110 Radio Interface Units

One Collins HF-9031 HF COM w/SELCAL

Collins TDR-94D Mode S/ADS-B Transponder

Collins TSS-4100 Traffic Surveillance System

One Collins NA-4500 VOR/LOC/GS/MB Receiver

One Collins NAV-4000 VOR/ILS/ADF Receiver

Dual Collins ACP-6000 Audio Panels

One Collins CCM-5110 Computing Module

Dual Collins GPS-4000S WAAS GPS Modules

Dual Collins DME-4000s

Dual Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeters

One Collins FCP-5070 AFCS Panel

Collins SVM-6110 Synthetic Vision Module

Collins SFIS-3900 Standby Instrument System

Dual Collins AHC-3000 AHRS

Dual Collins AHC-4000 Attitude/Heading Computer

Collins TPM-6000 EGPWS/TAWS Module

Collins MGR-3000 Magnetometer


Collins RTA-4100 Multi-Scan Weather Radar

XM Weather w/XMWR-1000 Satellite Data link

One Kannad 406-AF ELT w/NAV Interface

Basic Aircraft Information:

(As of August 7 2018)

 Year of Manufacture:       2017

Engine Make & Model:     Honeywell HTF-7500E

APU Make & Model:         GRT GTCP36-150

Total Time (hrs/cycles):    220/212

                         Engine 1:    220/212

                         Engine 2:    220/212

                         APU:           180.5


Additional Equipment

ACARS Datalink


Paperless Cockpit

115 cu. ft. capacity oxygen cylinder

Baggage Compartment Ladder

6 Rosen 9” Individual Locking Arm Monitors

GoGo Biz High Speed Data

Iridium Satellite Phone


The interior can accommodate a total of nine (9) passengers
in a three cabin environment. The forward cabin consist of
a two (2) place divan opposite a 36” galley equipped with
a microwave and coffee maker. The mid-cabin consists of a
four (4) place club seating arrangement and the aft cabin has
two (2) forward facing seats. The lavatory is located aft of the
main cabin and is belted for take-off and landing. The single
seats and lavatory seat are covered in a “Snowshoe Grey”
leather material and the divan is covered in a “Paris Gray”
cloth material.


Painted at the Embraer facility in Melbourne FL. The primary colors on the fuselage and engine cowlings are Moonglow Silver over Storm Cloud Grey. There are two accent stripes (Orange & Stone Grey) that run the full length of the fuselage, on the engine cowling and the upper portion of each winglet.


1980 Airbus AS350BA


Basic Aircraft Information:


Garmin GNS-530 GPS/NAV/VHF COM #1

Artex ME406HM ELT w/Remote Switch

Garmin SL-40 VHF COM #2

AIM Attitude Gyro

Bendix-King KI-206 VOR/LOC Indicator

AIM Directional Gyro

Garmin GTX-327 Transponder

AIM Turn & Bank Indicator

Trans-Cal SSD120 Encoding Altimeter

Thales Airspeed Indicator

PS Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel

Thales Altimeter

Airpath Magnetic Compass

United Instruments Vertical Speed Indicator

Davtron Model M803 Digital Clock

Interior Specifications (Completed by Heli-Lynx 2009):

The helicopter is currently configured to carry one (1) or 2 pilots and four (4) passengers. The main passenger cabin has a four (4) place forward facing bench seat. There are two (2) main passenger cabin doors located on the left-hand and right-hand side of the helicopter. The passenger and crew seats are covered with a gray leather material. There are a total of six (6) David Clark H10-36 headsets for the passengers and crew. 

Exterior Specifications (Completion by Heli-Lynx 2009): 

Custom three (3) color paint scheme. Base color is Matterhorn or Vestal White with Red and Black accent stripes.

(As of October 12 2018)

 Year of Manufacture:       1980

Engine Make & Model:     Honeywell LTS101-700D-2

Airframe and Engine Times and Cycles

Total Airframe Time: 5,639.5

Total Airframe Cycles/Landings: 15,532.0

Total Engine Time: 6,494.4

Total Engine Cycles: 8,540

N1 Gas Producer (NG) Hours: 8,699.7

N2 Power Turbine (NP) Hours 7,689.3

Engine Time Since Overhaul: 253.4 (2,400 Hour Interval)

Engine Time Since Hot Section: 253.4 (1,800 Hour Interval)

Additional Equipment:

Integrated Flight Systems Air Conditioning System

Carbide Technology Skid Shoes

Eurocopter Canada Limited R/H Cargo Mirror

Dart John Cameron Passenger Access Steps

Dart Super-Sized Vertical Reference Window

Heli-Lynx ADC Engine Oil Filter

Aerospace Filtration Inlet Barrier Filter System 

Onboard Systems Cargo Hook System

Aft Intercom System

Dual Flight Controls

Six (6) David Clark H10-36 Headsets

One Davtron M803 Digital Clock

Lumatech Warning/Caution Panel

One Collective Activated Datcon Hour Meter

Tech Tools One Piece Acrylic Windshield

Falcon Crest Lead Acid Battery

Tech Tool Plastics Cabin Windows

Collective Activated Hour Meter

High Skid Landing Gear



2008 Citation XLS

S/N: 5793       N413SK


Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS Package

Dual Honeywell RNZ-850 Integrated NAV Units

Primus II Radio Package

Dual Honeywell DME-850s

Three Honeywell DU-1080 Flight Displays

Honeywell DF-850 ADF Module

Dual Honeywell DC-550 Display Controllers

Dual Honeywell XS-852F Transponders

Honeywell MC-500 MFD Controller

Dual Collins APS 4000 Auto Pilot Systems

ADS-B out

Honeywell MK-VII EGPWS

Dual Universal UNS-1Espw FMS Systems (WAAS/LPV)

Dual Honeywell AZ-950 Air Data Computers

L-3 ACSS TCAS-2000 Version 7.1

Dual Honeywell LCR-100 AHRS

Dual Honeywell IC-615 Integrated IFCS Computers

Honeywell DTU-100 Data Transfer Unit

Honeywell IC-600 Integrated Avionics Computer

Honeywell Primus 880 Color Radar

Dual Honeywell RCZ-833K Integrated COM Units

Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeter

Dual Honeywell TR-833 COM Transceivers

KHF-1050 HF (Provisions Only)

Dual Honeywell RM-855 RMUs

L-3 Communication FA-2100 CVR

Dual Honeywell XC-833 Cluster Modules

Honeywell SSFDR

Dual Honeywell NV-850 NAV Receivers

Safran Electronics MFDAU

Dual Honeywell XN-850 NAV Cluster Modules

L-3 PS-855 Standby Battery

Basic Aircraft Information:

(As of March 24 2018)

 Year of Manufacture:       2008

Engine Make & Model:     Pratt & Whitney Canada Model PW-545B

APU Make & Model:         Honeywell RE100XL

Total Time (hrs/cycles):    4,094.2/2,010

                         Engine 1:    4,094.2/2,018

                         Engine 2:    4,094.2/2,018

                         APU:           2,132.2

Additional Equipment:

ATG-5000 High Speed Wireless System

Fire Axe

Dual Honeywell AV-850A Audio Panels

Davtron M877 Digital Clock

Air Cell ST-3100 Iridum SATCOM

Baggage Carpet Cover

Honeywell CD-850 Clearance Delivery Controller

Tow Strap

Aeronetics Model 315B Standby HSI

Eleven Life Vests

Meggitt GH-3000 Secondary Flight Display

Artex C406-N  3 Frequency ELT

AVVISOR 10.4” Display Monitor Unit

Cockpit Universal Power Outlet

Precise Flight Pulselite System

Four Cabin Universal Power Outlet

Pilot & Co-Pilot Headsets

Smoke Goggle

Pilot & Co-Pilot Flashlights

Locking Fuel Caps

Garmin GDL-69 XM Data link Receiver

EASA Certification Kit

XM Weather


The cabin consists of a nine (9) passenger configuration. There are six (6) single pedestal seats in the aft cabin, a two (2) right-hand side facing divan in the forward cabin and a removable passenger seat in the lavatory on the left-hand side. There is a refreshment center located forward on the right-hand side of the main cabin opposite a storage closet on the right-hand side forward of the right-hand side facing divan. The lavatory is located aft of the main cabin. There are four (4) power outlets in the main cabin and one (1) in the cockpit.


The exterior paint has a split base. The primary base color is Matterhorn White. The secondary base color is dark blue. There are six (6) dark blue accent stripes on the lower portion of the fuselage and a single red accent stripe above that.


1990 Falcon 900B

SN 83           N361K


Basic Aircraft Information:

Specification (Downloadable PDF)

CAMP report (Downloadable PDF)

(AS OF OCTOBER 17, 2017)

 Year of Manufacture:         1990

Engine Make & Model:      Honeywell TFE731-5BR-1C

APU Make & Model:          Honeywell GTCP36-150F

Total Time (hrs/cycles):    10,766/6,182

                         Engine 1:    10,218/6,036

                         Engine 2:    10,621/6,081

                         Engine 3:    10,583/6,131

                         APU:           5,718

Additional Equipment:

Dual Cabin Inverters

Dual 15.1” LCD Bulkhead Monitors

Dual DVD Players

Dual SIP Handsets in Cabin

Multi-Disc CD Players

Airshow 500

ATG-4000 w/ AXXESS II and GoGo Text & Talk


The aircraft interior layout offers a forward galley, main passenger cabin, aft lavatory and internally accessible baggage compartment. There are a total of ten (10) passenger seats. The main passenger cabin is laid out in a three (3) cabin configuration. The forward cabin consists of a four (4) place club seating arrangement. The mid-cabin consists of a two (2) place forward facing seats with individual folding tables. The aft cabin consists of a three (3) place divan opposite a single seat. The galley is located forward of the main passenger cabin and the lavatory is located aft of the main passenger cabin. The baggage compartment is aft of the lavatory and is accessible both externally and internally.


Stripped down to bare metal and repainted by Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek in 2016; the base exterior color of the Aircraft is Matterhorn White. There are three (3) accent stripes on the fuselage; the primary accent color blue and the secondary accent color being gold. The primary accent stripes intermingle with the secondary stripes midway down the fuselage and run horizontally along the fuselage sweeping slightly upward toward the empennage. The top of the vertical stabilizer also has both a primary and secondary accent stripe that sweeps upward. 



Honeywell Primus 2000 Avionics Suite

Honeywell EDZ-820 Five Tube EFIS

Triple Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS Systems

Dual Honeywell GPS Sensors

Dual Honeywell CD-810 Control Display Units

Dual Honeywell DC-820 Control Display Panels

Triple Collins VHF-22D COM Transceivers

Dual Collins KHF 950 HF COMS w/SELCAL

Dual Collins VIR-432 NAV Receivers

Dual Collins ADF-60A ADFs

Dual Collins DME-42

Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader

Dual Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeters

Aircell Axxess II Iridium Phone System

Dual Honeywell MST-67A Transponders

Dual Baker M1045 Audio Control Panels

Triple Honeywell LASEREF IV IRS Systems

Dual Honeywell AZ-810 Air Data Computers

Honeywell CAS-67B TCAS II w/change 7.1


Honeywell Primus 880 Color Radar w/ dual controls

L-3 A100A CVR

L3 Communications F1000 SSFDR (57 Parameters)


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Charleston Aviation Partners, LLC is a professional aircraft brokerage firm and we are committed to the highest standards of representing aircraft owners. To that end, we fully subscribe to the following code of ethics:

  • We will represent your aircraft and interests on an exclusive basis

  • We are dedicated to representing you, and only you, with respect to the sale of your aircraft

  • We will accurately represent our authority to present, market, show and demonstrate your aircraft

  • We will expeditiously submit all offers we receive for your aircraft from prospective buyers

  • We will present, to the best of our knowledge, the most accurate specifications and condition of your aircraft and make truthful representations to the aviation public

  • We will, under no circumstances, accept a commission from a buyer or third party

  • Every effort will be made to avoid misrepresentations or concealment of any and all known or pertinent facts relating to your aircraft

  • We will endeavor to identify and disclose any and all known costs associated with any aircraft-related agreements

  • Reasonable care will be taken to ensure that documents pertaining to the sale of your aircraft are kept confidential and current.


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